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Well of course we had to go to the Auckland boat show and if you have been following along on Instagram then you would have seen a few of the photos already.

Going to the boat show we were hoping to see a few new ideas and some solutions to a couple of problems we are having and also poke around inside a few of the brand new yachts.
Not a single power boat was looked at, so sorry if you were hoping to hear about them!

Interesting to find about copper antifoul and how it uses epoxy rather than paint to keep the copper attached to your boat. This is something we are doing in January so we will let you know how that goes!

What was fantastic to find was the Oceanair Skyscreen. Pull it out one way and there is a fly screen. Pull it out the other and there is a block out material. We like the fly screen so we can have the hatches open and no insects can come in at night. We have ordered only one at this stage but again details to come.

The big take away from the show were these new boats and how we actually only found one appealing. From no hand rails in the  cabin areas to foot pumps for the kitchen water; we weren’t impressed. The fact that we would be paying more than we paid for Sognare and end up with less didn’t add up. The other takeaway was the lack of storage on most of the yachts. Sad to say even the brand new Beneteau 411 2017 didn’t seem like much of an upgrade to us.

We are of course going to the new boats with live-aboard eyes rather than weekend cruisers but I think when it comes to any boat it needs to work for you. We looked at a few Jeanneaus and those ended up being our favourites on the day – the 44DS was the only boat we came away thinking could be a replacement for Sognare.

It has a very similar layout in some ways, with the main difference being the single large aft cabin. The large open spaces with large hatches were bright and inviting. The storage space along the sides and in each cabin were great and the cockpit area also felt like home.

It was nice to come away with passion for our own boat again. At the time of writing this we have been living on Sognare for 6 months and we really don’t want to trade up! We love our boat and for the one or two small issues we have currently we are working on solutions. With some of the upgrades we have planned it is going to be absolutely perfect for us in every way within the next few months.